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Welcome to Western U.P Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Western U.P Chamber Of Commerce And Industry was established in 1945 by R.B Seth Gujar Mal Modi, great philanthropist and the industrialist of this country with the primary aim of protective and promoting the Trade, Commerce and Industry of Western U.P. The Chamber is duly recognized both by state as well as Central Governments.

This Chamber is completely non-political in its outlook and it seeks a close working relationship with State as well as Central Government, other representative bodies of Trade, Commerce and Industry

and with all other bodies involved in finding solution to the problems of industry and economic development. The emphasis of chamber is to associate States and the Central Government for revolving a macanisam to have Govt. Business community partnership in connecting ruler with urban India. Our aim is to force the Government to create favorable condition for investment at home.

Staffed by experienced personnel, the Chamber is ideally located at Meerut and structured to provide real benefit to both established and new entrepreneurs in trade and industry. The Chamber is assisted by different expert sub-committees on various subjects.

Advantage to Join WUPCCI

• Certificate of Origin issued to Exporters.
• Authorised to issue recommendation letter for the issue of VISA.
• Interactive meetings with various heads of the Department.
• Member’s problems are taken up with the concerned department.
• It analyses critically the Govt. policies and programmes which affect the Trade and Industry and its future prospects.
• It seeks to ensure that views of the Trading and Industrial community are well heard and considered by the Government.
• It acts as a forum for exchange of views between members and visiting dignitaries Government officers.
• Workshops and Seminars on various subjects in which majority of members have interest, are organized in the chamber.
• Useful information relating to trade, commerce and Industry is collected and circulated to members through monthly magazine.

Good Thoughts

“In business, your best is not enough without adequate knowledge of the industry, right strategies, expert advice and smart actions.”

Victor Kwegyir

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